Did you know that microalgae generate the 50% of the oxygen we need to live?

The renowned expert in bionutrition and Iberia director of AlgaEnergy, Manuel Valenciano, explained details of the latest technology in microalgae-based products that promise to be the solution for crop health and yield.

“Microalgae are the origin of all plant life and develop a photosynthetic efficiency 10 times greater than that of terrestrial plants. They produce more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe, so the first thing I would like to highlight is their enormous importance, not only for agriculture, but for life as we know it," the renowned expert told Agromarketing. in bionutrition and Iberia director of AlgaEnergy, Manuel Valenciano.

In recent years, agri-food production has undergone significant changes in its approach and practices, increasingly seeking a transition towards sustainable agriculture. In this context, microalgae play a key role in achieving this objective: "With a great wealth of active biomolecules, its true value lies in what it does rather than in what it contains, thus being a biostimulant that has a beneficial impact on the health and yield of crops, acting on 4 fundamental points:

  • Improves Efficiency in the Use of Nutrients.
  • Increases the availability of immobilized nutrients in the soil or in the rhizosphere.
  • Increase the quality.
  • It provides greater tolerance against abiotic stress”, said Valenciano.

The latest technology in microalgae will be presented Microbioma 2023

The International Microbiome Congress 2023 stands out as one of the most important events in Europe in the field of sustainable agriculture. This edition, which marks its third celebration, has managed to bring together more than 3,000 professionals and more than 60 internationally renowned experts in previous editions. The congress will take place on June 7 and 8, 2023 at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia, with a fully online session scheduled for June 9. During these conferences, experts from around the world will present the latest innovations in the use and application of microorganisms in agriculture.

“Microbiome 2023 is without any doubt a magnificent platform to promote scientific evidence that reinforces the reputation and credibility of biostimulants and offers us the opportunity to share our experiences and show how they can play an important role in preserving, maintaining, increasing and take care of our soils and the microbial populations that compose it”, expressed Valenciano and added: “For us, the claim chosen for this CONNECT-LEARN-EXPERIMENT congress sums up its spirit very well”.


High-level experts will be present at MICROBIOMA 2023

Manuel Valenciano will be one of the important speakers at the MICROBIOMA congress. He has extensive experience in business development, sales and management in the Bionutrition area. He worked in management positions in leading companies in the Plant Nutrition business and Sustainable Solutions for agriculture. In June 2022 he joined AlgaEnergy, a company of which he is now director for Spain and Portugal.

Valenciano anticipated that in his presentation at the event "some results will be presented that help to decipher the mode of action of our solutions and how their application causes modification in the expression of hundreds of genes in a rapid way and whose effect is maintained over time, achieving a Biostimulant effect of great value for agriculture”; based on more than 11 years of research on microalgae.