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What is the International MicroBioma Forum?

Foro Internacional Microbioma

International Microbioma Forum is an event organized by Agromarketing in which the different aspects that affect this new and huge field of investigation of the use of microorganisms and their application to agriculture will be discussed. This forum is intended to solve the great uncertainty regarding the handling, application and current legislation regarding this type of products.

Topics related to fertilizers of microbial origin, biostimulants, insecticides and nematicides will be treated from a scientific-technical point of view by experts internationally.

Researchers, industry, technicians and managers, producers and consumers will be the target audience of this Forum that will have an important media impact in specialized international media and, especially, those of European scope.

The Forum will take place in two days (May 29 and 30) with a duration of one full day and another half day where the latest advances on this subject will be presented. In this way, it will become a reference event for all the agents involved and interested in the development of the application of microorganisms in agriculture.

Given the interest of the event, the assistance of professionals from different countries as well as international speakers experts is expected, with simultaneous translation in English and Spanish to comfortably follow the interventions.

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