After the success of the I Microorganisms International Forum (Microbioma) that took place in May 2019 in Cartagena (Murcia), Agromarketing and Ideagro organize a second edition of this event to present the latest worldwide researches about the application of microorganisms in agriculture. Lisbon (Portugal) will host a Workshop in March, while Murcia (Spain) will be the venue of the international congress in November.


More than 1,000 professionals 95%
34 Countries of origin
More than 100 concerted meetings 100%
32 Experts from around the world

The event on microorganisms applied to the largest agriculture in Europe



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Agromarketing with the organization of each event is governed in an obsessive way in achieving the following objectives:

  • Agglutinate as many stakeholders as possible depending on the theme of the event.
  • That the presentations and the event provide added value to those registered.
  • To have the most prepared professionals who contribute their expert vision in the subject to be treated.
  • That the sponsoring companies maximize and capitalize their investment in each appointment.

In this way we want to thank all those who have already trusted us to promote themselves to their target audience and who repeat appointment after appointment. In addition and in a special way, thank all the professionals and experts who put their experience and knowledge at the service of all attendees.