The Microbioma Forum will organize direct meetings between the scientific community and companies

Everything is ready for “Microbioma: International Agriculture Microorganisme Forum”, an event that will gather next May 29 and 30 in the Region of Murcia to researchers, industry, technicians and managers of the administration, producers and consumers related to this new and a huge field of research on the use of microorganisms and their application to agriculture.

The celebration of the First International Microbiome Forum represents an opportunity for companies to maintain contacts with the scientific community directly involved in the development of applications of microorganisms in agriculture.

In this sense, since the organization of the Forum, and as a novel initiative, it has been foreseen that the sponsors of the event have the opportunity to hold direct meetings with the speakers, all of them prestigious scientists and technicians from all over the world, in which It will promote the sharing of knowledge in the field of microorganisms among the actors of innovation.

Specially organized networking meetings so that companies and technicians can exchange concerns from which beneficial collaboration agreements can emerge for all spheres of the agricultural sector.