Orgánicos Pedrín | ®, Gold Sponsor of the I International Forum of Microorganisms

The Murcian company has been working on improving soil productivity for more than 40 years and this year it will present new products after an important commitment to R + D + i.

The agricultural event, which will take place on May 29 and 30, 2019, “will put the Region of Murcia on the world map of the new agrotechnological revolution in the agricultural sector,” according to company sources.

The Murcian company Orgánicos Pedrín® has decided to participate as a gold sponsor in the 1st International Microbioma Forum because it is “an event of great importance both for the theme and for the structure in perfectly complementary blocks, as well as for the different speakers of international relevance that will put the Region of Murcia on the world map of the new agrotechnological revolution “, according to sources of the company. And, in addition, has congratulated Agroamarketing and Ideago, as organizing companies, for the success of choosing Murcia as the venue for this event to be held on 8 and 9 May.

In the opinion of the management of Orgánicos Pedrín®, “the current legislative framework, the increase of environmental problems, especially nitrates and pesticide residues, and a growing awareness of society towards safe and environmentally friendly foods, is favoring the development of new formulations “.

New product lines

In this context, Orgánicos Pedrín® has been working for more than 40 years to improve soil productivity in the sense of a living and complex environment capable of sustainably producing food. In this line, the company warns that “work with microorganisms requires, from our point of view, experience, very accurate knowledge of microbial populations, responsibility and professional ethics to avoid generating distortions of the environment that pose risks to the health of the people or the environment “.

In its eagerness to satisfy its most demanding customers, this year 2019, and after a clear commitment by the company for R & D & I will market new product lines that “will meet the expectations of a leading sector and very committed to safe production and compatible with the environment, which belongs to everyone, “they say from the company.