New generation of bioinductors and biostimulants of microbiological origin

Mr. Ignacio Horche Trueba, CEO at Green Universe Agriculture, will be in charge of giving the presentation “New generation of bioinductors and biostimulants of microbiological origin”, within the block dedicated to biostimulation with microorganisms.

Horche is an agronomist, former professor of the Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineers of Madrid, with more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of biostimulants and more than 10 years of experience in the development of products with microorganisms.

One of the most promising developments for waste-free agriculture

Biostimulation based on microorganisms is one of the most promising developments due to the effectiveness of the formulations and their contribution to agriculture free of waste and risks for the consumer chain. Therefore, it is a sector that has had a very significant development in recent years, focused on solid formulations of lyophilized microorganisms.

The next step in this development, from the point of view of Green Universe, is the use of fermentation extracts as fast-acting products and enhancer of the action of microorganisms. These substances act as bioactivators of bacterial activity and as bioinducers of plant metabolism. The direct effect of the bioinductors complements the effect of the microorganisms, causing a faster response of the plant and improving the effect of stress resistance that these products provide.

Green Universe: Philosophy of Sustainability

GREEN UNIVERSE AGRICULTURE, S.L. is dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of biological products based on microorganisms and extracts that promote root and foliar biostimulation of crops, as well as pheromones and attractants for the monitoring of agricultural and forest pests, among other products.

It treats of biological products directed so much to the Ecological Agriculture as to the Integrated and Conventional Agriculture, with the aim of the creation of products that tend to the “RESIDUAL ZERO”, minimizing the waste in harvest and allowing a handling without dangers, when being innocuous both for the human being and for the environment