Murcia will host the 1st International Forum of Microorganisms applied to agriculture

  • It will take place on May 29 and 30, 2019 in the Auditorium of the University of Murcia, on the Espinardo campus.
  • Organized by Agromarketing, it will bring together world experts to discuss advances in the treatment of microorganisms, which are considered the basis for a new agriculture.

12-26-2018.-In order to publicize and analyze the latest advances and challenges of this second green revolution, which is considered the basis of a new agriculture, the First International Forum of Microbiological Microorganisms is organized, which will bring together on May 29 and 30, 2019 to a selection of world experts in this new subject. Of the infinity of microorganisms that live in the soil, only 2% are known, and they have proven their effectiveness for the development of healthier crops, with agricultural production of higher quality and respectful with the environment.

The city of Murcia, specifically the auditorium of the University of Murcia located on the campus of Espinardo, is the venue chosen to host the first edition of this important Forum that aims to be an international reference for a sector in which each participates more research centers and large companies.

The Forum will be held in two technical days where the different aspects that affect this new and enormous new field of investigation of the use of microorganisms and their application in the agricultural sector will be discussed.

With a technical program composed of four thematic blocks, the papers will deal with fertilizers of microbial origin, biostimulants, insecticides and nematicides from a scientific-technical point of view at the hands of international experts in order to solve the great uncertainty with respect to to the handling, application and current legislation regarding this type of products.

The Forum, organized by Agromarketing (www.agromarketing.es) with the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water of the Region of Murcia, has aroused international interest, and provides the assistance of professionals from different countries and an important impact media in specialized media. On the official website of the Forum (www.microbioma.es) you can find more information on the development of the conference, as well as pre-registration to attend, or contact the organization to be present at this important event.