Microbiome changes date and location to respond to demand for registration requests

It will be held on May 29 and 30 at the El Batel de Cartagena auditorium, with capacity for 1,400 people.

The change to a wider area to the initially raised, has been raised before the high rate of pre-registration

The organization of the I Forum Microbioma has decided to transfer its date of celebration to the 29th and 30th of May and change the location to the auditorium El Batel de Cartagena with capacity for 1,400 spectators, responding to the magnificent reception that the event is having and that It is materializing in a high rate of pre-registrations.

The program has been divided into four thematic blocks divided into these two days, beginning with the one dedicated to the current legislation regarding the use of microorganisms, both in the European field with Spanish, as regards its registration and use.

From the technical point of view there will be a second block focused on fertilizers of microbial origin, addressing the use of fungi and bacteria and their physiological effects on the crop and soil health, and the specific development of particularities in mode of action and management, particularly free-living environmental nitrogen fixative microorganisms and symbionts, and nutrient solubilizers

The third block will focus on microorganisms as a tool for the control of pests and diseases, concluding with the one dedicated to biostimulants of microbial origin.

Pre-registrations can still be done from the website microbioma.es