Kenogard will be Gold Sponsor of Microbiome

Kenogard highlights its commitment to alternative systems for pest control and its determined commitment to the development of biological insecticides based on microorganisms, with its participation as Gold Sponsor in the First International Microbiome Forum.

The line of continuous improvement marked by Kenogard in the last two decades has allowed it to make available to producers tools to reduce the amount of phytosanitary products of chemical synthesis, thus fulfilling the requirement of less waste by producers, distribution chains and of consumers, with respect to the environment, preserving pollinating insects and auxiliary fauna, and at the same time avoiding problems of resistances management.

With a long tradition, whose origins date back to the forties, the company has a wide range of phytosanitary products, the result of research, which allows it to be present in all representative crops of the national geography, decisively since 1992 in which it became part of 2 Japanese multinationals, Nissan Chemical and Sumitomo Chemical, which incorporated in 2000 the company Valent Biosciencies, the world’s largest producer of insecticides based on microorganisms

With the direct management of Valent Biosciences products in Spain, Kenogard significantly increases its offer of biorational products in its catalog, especially in strategic crops for the company, such as horticultural, fruit, vine and citrus.

The First Microbiome Forum, for which Kenogard has committed itself from the start, will be held on May 29 and 30 in Cartagena, and will be the meeting point of the scientific community, the industry, technicians and managers of the administration, producers and consumers, in which the advances at the world level in the use of microorganisms and their application to agriculture will be discussed.