Registrations for the Microbioma Workshop 2020 can now be made

After the success of the I International Forum of Microorganisms (Microbiome) that took place in May 2019 in Cartagena (Spain), Agromarketing and Ideagro organize a new event in Lisbon to present the latest research worldwide on the application of microorganisms to agriculture. agriculture.

The Portuguese capital will host a workshops which will be held on March 25, at the Ismaili Centre, an area located just 10 minutes from the center, and which is ideal for holding events, as it is equipped with splendid facilities with garden areas and open spaces that They call for calm and tranquility.

Ismaili Centre, home of the Microbiome Workshop

Agromarketing and Ideagro are already embarking on the organization of the event that will bring together more than 400 professionals from the sector, who will have a new opportunity to discuss the exciting world of agricultural microorganisms, presenting the news and advances in this matter.

Registration to participate in the meeting can now be done through the form Available on the website microbioma.es.