We Will Rock You Microbiome 2023

We Will Rock You Microbioma 2023


Have you ever thought of the microorganisms and enzymes in your agricultural soil as the greatest and most vital rock band of all time? Let me illustrate it to you.

Bacteria, the vocalists of the soil, are the most numerous and perform vital functions, such as nitrogen fixation and the decomposition of organic matter, keeping the audience (the plants) nourished and animated.

Fungi, our guitarists, establish the structure of the soil. They create mycorrhizal networks that help plants access nutrients and water from distant places, similar to a stunning guitar solo taking a song to new heights.

Enzymes, like a master keyboard player, play a crucial role in breaking down and transforming nutrients, adding that special flavor to the “music” of the soil, just as notes on a keyboard add depth to a song.

Protozoa and nematodes, our drummers, keep pace with the nutrient cycle, consuming bacteria and releasing essential nutrients for plants.

And then there are the arthropods, those talented multi-instrumentalists, who work in the soil to aid decomposition and pest control, adding a unique touch to the "music" of the soil.

Together, they form a rock band that keeps our soil vibrant and productive. But there is one last element that we must mention: the suppressive floors, true managers of this band. These soils, rich in biological diversity, naturally control plant diseases, just as a good manager keeps distractions and challenges at bay, allowing the band to focus on their music.

So the next time you think about your crop soil, remember that you have the most amazing rock band working for you day and night. Make sure you take care of them, because without them, the show can't go on. 

And you? How do you take care of the rock band on your floors? 

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