Viagro will be Gold Sponsor of Microbiome

The distributor of agricultural products Viagro SA, a company that provides services in the different production areas of Almeria and the rest of Andalusia, Murcia, La Mancha and other Spanish regions from its headquarters in Almeria, will be Gold Sponsor in the First International Forum of Microorganisms MICROBIOME.

VIAGRO SA was born in Almería in 1980 as a company specialized in nutrition by fertigation and in the protection of crops.

From the year 2000, fruit of a constant evolution and capacity to listen to the needs of the field, the company invested in new divisions focused on providing a better service and helping innovation in the field:

  • A laboratory for analyzing the riches of raw materials and controls to guarantee the quality of the final product.
  • An EOR department to carry out official field trials for the registration of products, as well as effectiveness tests in the field of products under development.
  • Facilities to produce their own products and third parties focused on the health of organic crops.

Accreditation for the Realization of Officially Recognized Tests

Recently the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has accredited the competence of Viagro, for the realization of officially recognized efficiency tests (EOR), required by the European Union for the official registration of new phytosanitary products.

To this end, Viagro has an ideal facility to carry out trials for the registration of phytosanitary products, divided into collaborating R & D farms, where vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, courgettes, etc.) and fruit trees (orange trees, olives ) are cultivated, a laboratory, microbiological development team and qualified Technical Engineers.

Viagro's development efficiency lies in the specificity and experience of its researchers and the possibility of contrasting new technologies with qualified technicians.

Its product catalog includes Fertilization, foliar nutrition, ecological Viagro, pest control, and other products such as agrotextiles and agricultural inputs.

Currently the line of work is based on the “Epigen” technology, a cutting-edge strategy that includes crops and plantations and their health status as a set of beneficial and pathogenic microbiologies that must maintain a balance so that diseases are not expressed and There is an optimal production, researching and developing the tools to maintain this healthy and productive “microbiome”.