You can now access the Networking platform where you can request meetings between companies, technicians and other professionals interested in taking advantage of their presence during the two face-to-face days of the event.

Make an appointment

If you want to arrange a meeting with companies or professionals:

  1. Accede to companies.agromunity.com
  2. Sign up by clicking on the Register button at the top right.
  3. Once registered, choose the company to which you want to request a meeting.
  4. Inside your profile choose the day and an available time and press “to ask for a date”.
  5. On the next screen enter a message that will come to the company.
  6. press Confirm.

At this time, the request will be received by the company, which will be able to accept or decline the request. If you accept it, you will receive an email with the details of the appointment.

Open a company profile

If you are interested in having your company appear on the list of companies:

  1. Accede to companies.agromunity.com
  2. Log in if you are already registered or register if you are not yet.
  3. Press the button "add profile" up to the right.
  4. Enter all the data of your company or professional profile (the more information the better).
  5. Click below on “preview“.
  6. Once you verify that everything is correct press the button "Save Changes“.

At this time, your company profile will be published in the general list and you will be able to receive requests for meetings from other professionals.

Once on the platform, you can schedule and arrange meetings with other professionals or companies that are registered on it. The objective of the meetings can be of a different nature, from the search for partners to collaborate on new projects, the identification of suppliers to the discussion of technical issues related to the use and application of the products developed or marketed by the companies.

This networking space is a great opportunity to establish contacts, generate business opportunities and exchange opinions on the latest trends in sustainable agriculture and organizations applied to agriculture.