Corteva Agriscience, present at the Microbiome 2 Congress

Corteva Agriscience™, is a large agriculture company that is completely dedicated to agriculture. By combining the strengths of Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences, they have harnessed the brightest minds in agriculture and the experience gained through two centuries of scientific achievement.

Corteva Agriscience is committed to advancing sustainable agriculture with the goal of enriching lives and our planet for generations to come, setting 14 goals to achieve by 2030 that will increase the resilience of our global food system.

Your goals for 2030

At Corteva Agriscience, goals have been set to improve farmers' livelihoods and operations, while conserving resources and providing support to the land. Their 10-year commitments will provide tools and training to increase yield stability, optimize inputs, and improve climate resilience.

Provide Training to Farmers

Provide training for 25 million farmers on soil health, nutrient and water stewardship, and best productivity practices by 2030.

To do this, they are expanding the ways in which they share information about the latest advances and technology with farmers.

Enriching the Lives of Small Farmers

Increase the productivity, income and sustainable agricultural practices of 500 million smallholder farmers cumulatively by 2030.
Up to 80 percent of the food supply in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa is produced by small farmers.

Corteva is committed to providing them with access to agronomic tools, solutions and support.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissionseither

Enable farmers to sustainably increase crop yields while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% within farming systems compared to 2020.
They make use of best practices and innovations to advance productivity while protecting our planet.

Crop Protection: Protecting this campaign. Ready for the next one.

Staying ahead of crop threats means constantly developing new approaches and continuously improving existing technologies. That's why you can count on the portfolio of over 300 crop protection products to give you the control you need to protect your yield and your land.

The most professional technical support

Improving production and the lives of agricultural professionals and of society as a whole requires a significant amount of effort of all kinds. The best and most advanced tools are not enough to guarantee high-level professional advice.

It is necessary to have the technical knowledge and field experience that only a highly qualified human team can offer.

Seeds and genetic characters

By combining conventional and biotech seeds, plus the most advanced trait technology, Corteva offers more ways to meet the needs of a growing population.

With the increasing demand for food in the world, farmers need different options to maximize the productivity of their crops.