AlgaEnergy presents: "Microalgae and its relevance for soil health and crop yields"

AlgaEnergy noticia

SOURCE: AlgaEnergy

The company will present for the first time the paper: "Microalgae and its relevance for soil health and crop yields", by Manuel Valenciano.

Manuel Valenciano, Director of Iberia of AlgaEnergy has a history of more than 20 years in the sector. Valenciano has accompanied the development of biostimulation since its inception in Spain with a track record that has touched the main leading companies in plant nutrition and development of sustainable solutions for agriculture, with a special focus on R&D.

He will be the speaker who gives voice to the latest scientific findings that AlgaEnergy has obtained from world-class academic institutions and research centers. In his presentation entitled "Microalgae and its relevance to soil health and crop yields", Valenciano will expand on the most conclusive details of this research, which has focused on the mode of action and composition of microalgae and their beneficial effects both on the soil and on the crops.

The talk will also address the importance of microorganisms in regenerative agriculture. The opportunities and challenges presented by the use of microalgae in agriculture will also be presented and some field results will be presented in crops relevant to the Spanish market.

About AlgaEnergy:

AlgaEnergy is a leading company in the cultivation of microalgae for the creation of sustainable agricultural solutions. The company has developed an innovative portfolio for the sector, which includes products focused on soil health and increasing gene expression in plants. AlgaEnergy's products have been used on various crops, such as fruit trees, vegetables, cereals and nuts, and have demonstrated their ability to improve production and quality parameters, while reducing environmental impact.